Thai Binh makes investment in water supply for rural area

A creative & flexible way in Thai Binh

With the motto “To bring into play the internal strength of the rural population, based on demand, on the basis of stepping up socialization in investment, construction and management, and at the same time enhancing the efficiency of state management in clean water supply service, ensuring the sustainable development, suitable to the natural and socio-economic conditions of each region”, Thai Binh is one of the provinces in the whole country to efficiently implement the national strategy on clean water supply and environmental sanitation up to 2020. Be proactive, drastic in leadership and direction; flexible, innovative in implementation of measures ; mobilizing the active participation of the whole political system from province, district to commune level, turning determination into action, Thai Binh has successfully fulfilled its objective of supplying stable and sufficient clean water for rural population in the province.

To mobilize all resources, especially investment capital of enterprises, mobilized capital of water users to invest in rural clean water supply projects, Thai Binh has selected optimized solutions to “transmit power” through incentive mechanisms and policies. As early as 2012, the province promulgated a series of mechanisms and policies “wide door” to welcome and attract investment. Accordingly, investors have built new ones, upgraded and expanded their water supply capacity and expanded the water supply area of rural clean water supply projects, which are exempted from land use levies and land rents;

They were funded by the state budget to ensure sufficient water sources for clean water supply works using surface water sources; The state budget also provided with VND 1.5 – 3 million / m3 / day on the basis of the design capacity of the projects and the results of examination of the project completion level. Particularly for investors building new rural clean water supply projects, the State budget provided 100% of the funding for ground clearance. Investors earning income from the management and exploitation of rural clean water supply projects had been approved by the provincial People’s Committees tol enjoy the enterprise income tax rate of 10% for the entire operation duration.

To promulgate mechanisms and policies in line with the Party’s policies and regulations and being close to the reality of the province and attract enough investors to invest in construction, management and exploitation of rural water supply facilities are difficult; but these mechanisms and policies implemented in life, bringing practical effects would be more difficult challenges. Thai Binh’s method is to set up a Steering Committee to shoulder the task of directing and solving problems arising in the course of implementation of land procedures, land clearance and construction and related issues; to direct relevant branches and localities to create conditions for construction work units and protect concentrated rural clean water works; to assist investors to borrow capital to implement the project; to manage the quality of clean water of the concentrated rural clean water plants in the province.

The localities directly elaborated the implementation of plans and assigned specific targets on connection rates and use of clean water to each commune or unit as the criteria for annual evaluation of emulation; to coordinate with provincial Steering Committees in implementing synchronous solutions to remove difficulties for investors in the course of implementation of projects; to propagate and mobilize the acceleration of the rate of connection with the use of clean water by the people, strictly direct the province with 6 contents: technological process; quality management processes; regulations on management, operation and maintenance of water supply systems; results of water quality inspection by functional agencies; water use price (according to the approval decision of the provincial People’s Committee for each project); The level of mobilization of contributions from water users for investment in the construction of rural clean water supply facilities has always been publicized so that the people know, monitor, create consensus and support the people.

In a short time, Thai Binh has attracted enterprises with a total investment capital of more than VND 2,000 billion for new and upgraded investment for water projects. Up to now, there have been 31 new upgrading and expanding investment projects in the provincial that receive investment certificates or decisions on investment policy (including 24 newly invested projects, 7 upgrading and expansion projects ); 26 projects have been transferred to enterprises from the fund of the national target program and of the World Bank; One project of Thuy An water plant project, Thai Thuy district, is funded by the central government’s science and technology capital. Newly invested or upgraded/ expanded have completed the main connections and the pipeline system has been installed at the gate of the households. The projects are invested from the World Bank and National Target Program have been transferred to private investment enterprises to undertake basic management and operation of supplying clean water for people, contributing to effective implementation of the construction program.

Up to 15/11/2018, the rate of using clean water in communes and towns in the province reached 96.3%, up 18.5% compared with December 31, 2017, There are 261/276 communes and townships having clean water supply (accounting for 94.6%).

To improve the health and living conditions of rural people, to reduce the gap between urban and rural areas, to contribute to the agricultural and rural industrialization, with the successful completion of the set objectives, In implementing the rural clean water supply program, Thai Binh has contributed to the achievement of the millennium goals that the Government has committed to the international community. To perfect mechanisms and policies to encourage investment support for projects; Thai Binh will also gain much more success on the road map for the implementation of the Strategy on water supply and sanitation until 2020.

Tran Quang

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